Hi, Greg Casalino here.  I'm an award-winning innovator, tech founder full-stack designer and PM with over twenty-seven years working in tech companies, ad agencies, and startups. I've authored over fifty technology patents. 

My passion is analyzing business problems and actively collaborating with, inspiring and managing teams to create innovative solutions - solutions that optimize strategy, user experience, data science, and elegant technology. 


As a founder, I have the added perspective of many aspects of business including marketing, sales, legal, human resources, finance, etc. It is through this confluence of experience and a never-ending affection for business that wakes me up everyday to build something new and better for the world. 

Over the years I've  worked with some of the world's most iconic brands and organizations like AT&T, Bank of America, Johns Hopkins, The Ritz Carlton, Patron, SAP and many more.