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A.I. Rewriting

Have AI-generated content? I'll lend it the human touch it needs to really reach your audience.

Rewriting Rate: $28/hr


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While AI tools like ChatGPT excel in generating coherent text, they lack the nuanced understanding, creativity, and emotional intelligence of human writers. Real writers bring genuine experiences, cultural insights, and unique perspectives to their work, creating a depth that AI struggles to replicate. Human writers can engage readers on a profound emotional level and navigate complex contexts with a richness of creativity, making them indispensable for crafting truly compelling and impactful written content.


AI-generated writing is great at saying things clearly and sensibly– but it lacks depth.

ChatGPT can't feel freedom in the leather of a steering wheel, or the firm and faithful warmth of a father’s hands. But that is the stuff of good writing– not simply details, but the perspectives, experiences, and emotions of a life actually lived.

If you want a real connection, you need a real writer.

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