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Leave readers with the natural, indelible mark only great writing can bring.

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First-Time Clients60% off!

*Not valid for Proofreading + Grammar.


(From Scratch)

Every sentence, every phrase, every word: it all tells a story. Let me find yours and tell it– and make it unforgettable.

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$ 34

$ 50/hr
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From "Draft" to "Done." Have you already written something, but it just isn't quite "there"? Whether it's honing your main idea, synthesizing your evidence, or endowing your work with a polished voice, I'll lend my craft to your writing so your work screams pro.

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$ 28

$ 40/hr
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Need a second pair of eyes you can trust? I'll make sure your work is grammatically correct, leaving no "t" uncrossed nor "i" un-dotted. And if you want, I'm happy to drop in suggestions where I think the piece could be improved.

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$ 20

$ 30/hr
on UpWork


I'll write you a timeless, easy-to-play song guaranteed to stick in listener's minds and burn bright in their hearts.

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$ 300

$ 400/song
on Fiverr

Lyrics Only

Say more with your music. I'll put stylish words that paint, move, and actually mean something over a sweet and memorable melody.

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$ 150

$ 200/song
on Fiverr

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